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Betting Wisely from Early and Late Positions

A critical point in Texas Holdem is when the betting occurs, because this is where you'll decide whether to raise a hand. Your opponents may observe your playing style to see if you pose any threat. It's important to note the moves they make and have an action plan for each situation.

Early Position

The image you gain as a player is crucial, because it influences the way your opponents treat you at the table. If you're among the first 3 players to move at a table of 9, you are in early position. The trouble here is that you'll lack the advantage of knowing the playing styles of your opponents, whereas they'll get the heads up on yours. They will learn whether you fold easily or play aggressively to compensate for a weak hand. If you play aggressively from the start of the game, the other players might view you as an amateur and not even take you seriously.

Late Position

One of the advantages to late position is that you get to observe the methods of your opponents before you even make a move. You should take note of how their chip sets compare to your own, though you'll get more respect as the chip leader than as a short stack. When the opening bets are low, your opponents will likely have weak hands and simply wish to see free flops, unless they're trying to trap you. If the blind levels are modest, you could make your raise about 3 times higher and cause some people to fold, or even set things up for a later bluff.

When you are on the button, you have the best chance of stealing blinds and pots. Spend your time wisely at the table and avoid the worthless blinds.