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Keno Payouts with Bets

Playing keno is largely a game of luck. Players pick a set of numbers from a grid and hope that those numbers match up with the numbers chosen by a machine or a keno dealer. Even if there are almost no ways for players to change the odds of hitting one or more numbers, there are a few ways to change what sort of payouts they might receive.

Betting Greater Amounts

There are only a few select ways for players to change the results of a keno game. The first way is to change up how much they bet on each ticket. While the most common bet is a single dollar per ticket, players can choose to bet more. The more money a player bets, the more money he or she stands to win when he or she manages to match up multiple numbers. While a $1 bet may win almost $100 for 4 matched numbers, a $5 bet on the same numbers can win even more than 5 times that amount. The exact payouts differ from game to game, but any larger bet will result in an exponentially larger payout.

Betting on Different Tickets

The second way a player can change the payouts of his or her bet is to bet across different types of tickets. A simple straight ticket has only a single set of numbers on a ticket. Combination tickets or split tickets can change the way those bets are structured by putting multiple sets on a single ticket. That means a ticket has a bigger spread, and even though each set of numbers constitutes a separate bet, the changed spread can affect the odds of winning and the payout that results in any win.

Winning still always depends on matching up a certain number of player picked numbers with officially picked numbers, but players can still change some of the odds involved with those matches by betting different amounts and across multiple tickets. Players should try to switch up their bets to experiment with different and great payouts.