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Using Continuation Bets Discreetly

Continuation bets are popular in Texas Holdem, and they occur whenever a player bets both before and after a flop. It doesn't even matter if the player catches a good hand with a continuation bet, because it shows determination and forces weaker players to fold. Problems occur with continuation bets when players overuse them to the point where others catch onto the tactic.


It's a mistake to assume that everyone can be bullied with continuation bets, especially if your rivals view these bets as gimmicks. One of the safer ways to use a continuation bet is for the purpose of semi-bluffing, in which you initially bluff with a weaker hand that could possibly gain in strength. Through this method, you can narrow down your competition while keeping yourself in hand with a good pot. You can bet at your own discretion after the turn card, though all betting will change once hands come head to head.

Clearing Tables

Continuation bets are best when you have a good hand, because it allows you to build the pot while the table is full. The method is generally intimidating to players with short stacks and most of them tend to fold, unless they also happen to have good hands. You must be careful around anyone who re-raises a bet, however, because that could be an attempt to bluff you. Your rival might even be holding an ace, in which case you'll need to be cautious with your remaining stack.

Continuation bets can either be smooth or costly moves, depending on who you are up against. Choose your methods wisely and don't make your game too obvious to anyone watching.